Back 40 Landscaping

Fraser Valley Excavation, Drainage, Hardscape, Gravel & Turfgrass Experts

Excavation & Drainage

Professional excavation and drainage services

Custom excavation services for foundation preparation, site services, trenching, ditches, pools, hardscaping, boulder walls, retaining walls and material disposal

Proper drainage is essential in protecting your home and keeping your landscaping dry and stable. Learn more about our excavation and drainage services.
Excavation & Drainage

Hardscape Landscaping

Commercial, Residential & Recreation Properties

We specialize in beautiful hardscape landscaping for commercial, residential, and recreational clients throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland.

From retaining walls to driveways and paver patios, we can drastically change your landscape!
Hardscape Landscaping
Hardscape Landscaping

Gravel Services

New & Renovated parking lots & driveways

Back 40 Landscaping has the right equipment and the expertise to build or renovate your gravel parking lot, and driveway.

Gravel driveway renovations - we use the Harley Rake to effectively Soften, Level, Mix, and properly Grade your driveway for better drainage
Gravel Renovation
Gravel Renovations

Turfgrass Installs

New & renovated high quality lawns

We’re passionate about turfgrass lawn care because it makes up the majority of your landscape. A nice lawn will boost your curb appeal and create a more enjoyable outdoor space.

Choose a New Lawn for Correcting Grade Changes or A Lawn Renovation for new grass.
Turfgrass Installs

Annual Turfgrass Program

Year-round nutrient program

We provide soil testing plus year-round lawn care and maintenance to give your grass the love it needs.

Get in touch with us and we’ll nourish your lawn back to health so that it’s weed free, moss free, thick, lush and green!
Annual Lawn Care Program
Turfgrass Lawn Program
Commerical & residential hardscape landscaping, excavation, drainage and lawn renovation services. Service areas include Abbotsford, BC and throughout the Fraser Valley.

Owner operated, fully licensed & bonded in British Columbia, Canada.

30353 Sunset Cres.
Abbotsford, BC

Owners: Sam and Natasha Maerz

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