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Gravel Driveway Renovation & Maintenance

Is it time to renovate your gravel driveway?

Many rural, as well as residential homeowners have gravel driveways. They are more common than you might think, providing a classic look and a casual curb appeal. Plus, they cost a lot less than pavement and are rather simple to install.

Dealing with Potholes & Water Issues

New gravel driveways can look great but over time they can compact and develop potholes and ruts, so it’s important to regularly maintain them. Filling in potholes is a temporary solution at best and won’t work in the long term. The only proper way to fix potholes, is to completely destroy them and then rebuild the driveway.

Regular Driveway Maintenance

Annual gravel driveway renovation is highly recommended and regular Power Rake maintenance is very cost-effective. It will help to protect your vehicles and keep your gravel driveway looking and performing at its best. It will also help keep potholes and driveway ruts under control and improve the longevity and life expectancy of your gravel driveway.


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Harley Rake Gravel Renovation

At Back 40 Landscaping, we use a 3pt Harley Power Rake for gravel driveway renovation. This Power Rake works on many levels and is very effective at mechanically reconditioning the top 3 inches of gravel.

We use the Harley Rake to effectively Soften, Level, Mix, and properly Grade your driveway for better drainage. Potholes are not just filled in. They are pulverized and your driveway is completely reconditioned.

The Harley Power Rake:

  • Separates the rock and debris by size
  • Removes debris and weeds
  • Pulverizes the gravel to make it more uniform
  • Levels the driveway by dragging material from high spots to low spots
  • Brings the finer gravel back up to the surface to help lock everything together

With just one pass, the Power Rake can rework, level, and grade the entire driveway. Subsequence passes will achieve better and better results. Hands down, the Harley Power Rake is the best tool for renovating driveways and other gravel areas.

Compaction is available afterwards to help lock it all in place. Your finished driveway will have a uniform, newly built look and provide a much smoother drive.

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Back 40 Landscaping has the right equipment and the expertise to renovate your gravel driveway quickly and cost-effectively. We are family owned and operated and we’re local, based in Abbotsford BC.

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