Professional Hardscaping Services

Built to last a lifetime, we offer professional hardscape installation for commercial and residential clients

Before delivering any of our hardscaping services, our first priority is to listen and ensure that we thoroughly understand your vision. Only then can we develop a strategy that delivers exactly what you are asking for.

We specialize in beautiful hardscape landscaping for residential, recreational, and commercial clients throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland. From retaining walls to driveways and paver patios, we can bring your vision to life!

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Hardscape Design

To bring your ultimate vision to life and give you an emotionally rich and aesthetically pleasing hardscape design, we must also consider the surrounding softscapes, including your garden beds, trees, shrubs and lawn.

We have a great deal of experience blending hardscape and softscape elements. Back 40 can meticulously assess and integrate your hardscapes, taking into account your permanent fixtures and overall landscaping design. This Pinterest page offers many great hardscape design ideas

Our hardscaping services can also be utilized for drainage and barriers and for many types of separate outdoor spaces including:

Retaining Walls                                     Raised Yard Sections

Tiered Landscaping                             Walkways & Pathways

Flowerbeds                                             Stone Dividers & Dividing Lines

Waterfalls                                                Paver or Concrete Patios               

Driveways                                                Swimming Pool Decks

Barbecue & Firepit Areas                    And More!

Hardscape Materials

Back 40 builds brick and block projects that are made to last. Unlike wood, bricks do not rot. Brick and block hardscapes offer better resale value and there is minimal maintenance required. Our Back 40 hardscaping services can also incorporate many different types of hardscape materials in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures, and finishes including:

  • Cornerstone & Interlocking Bricks and Blocks
  • Decorative & Natural Stones
  • Flagstone
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Pebbles & River Rock
  • Cedar & Pressure Treated Wood
  • Pre-Engineered Products

Excavation & Landscaping

Back40 has the equipment, experience and knowledge to incorporate professional excavation into our hardscaping services as required. No matter how large an area you want to hardscape and/or landscape, we can excavate, as needed, to transform your to accommodate your hardscape vision.
The Build

The majority of hardscape retaining walls fail due to wet and heavy soil directly behind the wall, which adds a considerable amount of unnecessary weight. Building a strong base alone is not enough.

Back 40 will properly compact subgrade with lots of gravel. FILTER FABRIC (when applicable & appropriate) is also included as part of our hardscaping services. The fabric helps to keep soil from undermining the gravel and will prevent any possible failure down the road. All our hardscapes are laser installed to ensure proper grade and slope for drainage.

After excavating the area (when and if necessary), we line the soil with filter fabric to keep the soil from mixing with the stone. This ensures that the stone stays clean and is able to channel water away and into our drainage pipe behind the wall. This prevents any surcharge of weight on the wall.

As with all of my hardscape projects, we adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications so you can be confident your finished hardscape will be quality built to last a lifetime.

Our Back 40 Commitment

Hardscapes are designed to last for decades so our goal is to make sure you have the hardscaping and landscaping that you will forever love. Throughout the process, communication becomes an integral part of our landscaping and hardscaping services.

We will always be available to answer any of your questions you may have throughout the build. Feel free to discuss any additional modifications or upgrades you may wish to implement as your budget allows.

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Based in Abbotsford, Back 40 Landscaping is family owned and operated and proud to offer hardscaping services to clients for residential, commercial, or recreational projects. We service communities throughout the Fraser Valley and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Flexibility, honesty, and reliability are our trademarks. To learn more about our hardscape landscaping services, please contact us online, send us an email, or call us at 778-808-6961.

Commerical & residential hardscape landscaping, excavation, drainage and lawn renovation services. Service areas include Abbotsford, BC and throughout the Fraser Valley.

Owner operated, fully licensed & bonded in British Columbia, Canada.

30353 Sunset Cres.
Abbotsford, BC

Owners: Sam and Natasha Maerz

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