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New Lawn vs Lawn Renovation?

It all depends on if you need to adjust the grade.

New Lawn for Correcting Grade Changes

Grade refers to low or high areas and drainage slopes.

Low Lawn Areas - These can be manually raised with topsoil, if it’s a small area. For larger low lawn areas, a power rake may be needed to ensure uniform grade. A chunk of sod can’t be used to fill in a low spot. It is just too lumpy and always the wrong height.

High Lawn Areas – This is where my Harley Power Rake sets itself apart from the competition. Typically, high lawn areas are scrapped off and hauled away.

One problem with scraping and hauling away soil is the added cost to dispose of it. A bigger problem with hauling away old topsoil is that’s where the nutrients are. You could be throwing away years, decades, or even centuries worth of nutrient build up. Once you have scraped off the old topsoil you have to buy some new fluffy topsoil (which is somewhat sterile and will decompose quickly and create low spots again).

The clay soil in the Fraser Valley can’t be raked by hand to level it out. My Harley Power Rake can pulverize and loosen up the entire area and repurpose the existing nutrients to create a fluffy mixture. It blends all the high and low areas and provides a uniform grade. I can also laser grade your lawn for perfect drainage slopes.

Lawn Renovation

A Lawn Renovation is creating a healthy lawn with seed, without grade changes.

Fall is the ideal time to consider lawn renovation services. It allows the new grass just enough time to mature so it can handle the summer heat the following year. The hardest time of the year for any lawn is Summer. Because of this a fall renovation is recommended anytime the lawn has been neglected, or for the first few years of a new lawn.

The truth is, most lawns simply don’t get the clean-up, composting, fertilizer, and nutrients they need. Without it, in time, weeds and moss eventually take over and the lawn suffers. This is especially true in our wet Pacific Northwest climate.

However, with a little care and attention, many of our clients can hardly believe the difference between lawn renovation before and after.

Lawn renovation usually includes:

  • Aeration so the grass seed has a little pocket to germinate in.
  • Deluxe Grass Seed with a creeping variety so it fills in bare spots continuously.
  • Nutrient Rich Compost is added to cover the seed to protect it from erosion and to ensure seed to soil contact (an uncovered seed on the surface of soil will not germinate).
  • Starter Fertilizer is added for the new grass and nutrients to help revive the existing grass.

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What is Lawn Renovation?

Most lawns can be restored for a lot less (less cost and labour) than completely resodding (installing new turf). 

The goal of spring lawn renovation by is to assess what your lawn needs and improve the conditions for healthy lawn growth. This includes conditioning the soil and applying the right amount of nutrients and seed to repair and restore your existing lawn.

Back 40 Landscaping lawn renovation services include the following:

  1. Soil Testing – To determine pH levels, nutrient levels, and what your soil needs.
  2. Harley Rake Lawn Renovation – (for grade changes only) Our 3pt Harley Power Rake clears away rock, sticks and other debris.
  3. Lawn Aeration – Perforating the soil to allow water and nutrients to reach the roots.
  4. Lawn Nutrient Requirements & Application – Applying the right amount of compost and fertilizer to restore the soil’s proper nutrient and pH balance. Adding compost is called “topdressing” You can topdress with sand, or you can topdress with compost and both are very labor intensive.
  5. Lawn Seeding – To promote thick healthy grass cover and choke out weeds.
  6. Lawn Watering – Proper watering is critical for good seed germination and root establishment.

Depending on your current lawn conditions, we can spray the weeds in your lawn before or after the renovation, or both. We can also spray off the entire lawn beforehand and start completely fresh.

A lawn renovation is only one step in growing thick, turfgrass. Ongoing maintenance combined with good cultural practise are what it takes for long-term success. See our Turfgrass Lawn Care Program page.


Lawn Soil Test

Before any doctor can help you, they must first assess your health and what you are lacking.

The same is true for your lawn health. We need to conduct a lawn soil test to determine where the soil pH level is at as well as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and organic matter levels. Before we can treat the problem, we need to know what nutrients your soil needs to promote strong healthy grass growth.

Harley Rake Lawn Renovation

The Harley Power Rake is only used for grade changes.

As needed, Back 40 Landscaping can use our 3pt Harley Power Rake to aid with lawn renovation. The Harley rake is only used for grade changes and is very effective at clearing away lawn debris including small rocks, sticks, and dead or dying grass and weeds. By clearing away the debris, your lawn will be able to breath better and enjoy more sunlight and more effective watering.

Lawn Aeration

The more we can aerate the lawn the better. Over time, soil will naturally compact and create a dense thatch layer, resulting in shallow root growth.

We use lawn aeration to break through the thatch layer, loosen up the soil, and create holes down to the root level. Lawn aeration allows for better seeding and more water, oxygen, and nutrients can reach the roots. This promotes deeper root growth and root expansion. The result is better lawn density and a stronger, healthier lawn. Aeration also helps to increase soil drainage and minimize compact soil conditions.

Lawn Nutrient Requirements

Based on the results of your lawn soil test, we will then apply a combination of corrective measures. This includes adding the correct amounts of topsoil, compost, fertilizers, and other essential nutrients to restore your lawn back to the proper levels it needs for:

Macro Nutrients

Nitrogen – The most important nutrient and in the largest quantity. Nitrogen aids in rapid shoot growth and promotes a healthy rich green color in your lawn.

Potassium – Essential for strong root and shoot growth.

Phosphorus – Keeps your lawn resistant to weeds, disease and is an overall health booster.

Along with testing your soil’s Ph levels we also test the organic matter content and CEC - Cation Exchange Capacity (how much fertilizer or lime is needed to make the correct changes in this specific soil). See “Lawn Fertilizing” below.

Secondary Nutrients

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur

Micro Nutrients:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Boron
  • Molybdenum
  • Chlorine
  • (And more)


Lawn Seeding

Our lawn renovation services also include applying the correct amount (and the right type) of lawn seed. The hardest step in the process is ensuring “seed to soil contact.” Any grass seed that is not covered in soil (or if buried to deep) will not grow. Because of these challenges we actually seed before and after topdressing. We then rake it in and bury most of the seed. This ensures multiple seeds are buried at multiple depths all over your yard. This has given us the best lawn success rates in the industry.

Watering During Lawn Renovation

As with warm temperatures, proper water is essential for new lawn growth and proper lawn seed germination. To germinate properly, grass seed needs to stay moist until the roots are firmly established. This is another reason why the fall is easier to germinate new grass in (instead of spring). The fall is much cooler, and usually provides more rainfall. In the event we must seed during a warmer dryer time, we have a full complement of sprinklers, hoses, and timers to help you establish a great brand-new lawn!

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Back 40 will also help to educate you with the right information you need to continually keep your lawn strong and healthy for many years.

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