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Protecting your outdoor space from the sun

October 14, 2021

Nothing beats stepping out into your backyard on a hot summers day and enjoying your backyard space. But, if your outdoor living space is not protected from the sun, you most likely would rather be indoors enjoying the air conditioning. Thankfully, there are a lot of options that homeowners can choose from when it comes to protecting their patio space, that will allow them to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.





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Pergolas and Trellises


Pergolas and trellises create instant shade and protect your outdoor living space from the heat and direct sun, without making you feel blocked in, or interfering with the breeze.




  • Inexpensive
  • DIY friendly
  • Durable
  • Creates separate outdoor living areas



  • Requires some maintenance
  • Will look different over time (could fade in the sun and other weather)
  • Not guaranteed to increase your property value






Shade awnings and curtains


Shade awnings and curtains can be used with or without pergolas, and offer shade and privacy. They come in many different textures, sizes, and colors, and are a great addition to homeowners looking for relief from the sun.



  • Allows privacy
  • Long lasting
  • Protects patio furniture



  • Can be expensive to install
  • Requires maintenance and cleaning
  • Not suited for all weather conditions (snow and heavy rain)


paver pergola








You bring an umbrella to the beach to protect you from the sun, so why not use it at home to do the same? Umbrellas provide instant shade, and are extremely affordable.



  • You probably already own one
  • Very minimal cost
  • Come in lots of colors and sizes



  • Are a temporary solution
  • Do not add value to your space
  • Can turn a “high end patio” into looking more “Low end”




Ceiling or wall mounted fan


If you have a pergola and want to get a great add on feature, a fan will help cool you down. The fan will help clear the air, and allow the patio area to dry out, making them perfect for a humid day.



  • Gives off a nice breeze
  • Cools down the area quickly



  • Costly to fix
  • Can only be used if a roof or pergola structure are already available



Plant a tree


This option is not an instant fix, but is an environmentally friendly way to add shade to your outdoor living area. Not only will a tree add shade, it will add beauty to your backyard.



  • Great for the environment
  • Adds to the look of your backyard



  • Can take years to grow and actually provide shade
  • If the wrong type of tree is planted or it rots, it might need to be cut down in the future
  • Can be messy from leaves and pines



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Roof structure


If you want to use your outdoor space all year round, then a roof structure is the way to go. A roof structure allows you a lot of shade (depending on the size of it), and is going to add to the value of your home. Roof structures are also handy in rain and snowy weather, keeping you dry while still being able to enjoy your backyard.



  • Adds to the value of your house
  • Allows the patio to be used any time of the year
  • Provides ample amount of shade
  • Can be the focal point to any landscape





  • Can get expensive
  • Will need to be repainted or stained every couple of years
  • May provide too much shade to your backyard space




How to choose what is best for your outdoor living space


Every homeowner will have a different idea of what is going to work for them and their family. For instance, if someone really enjoys the sun, they might not want to have a roof structure that is going to give them a ton of shade. If a homeowner’s budget is low, they might want to consider going with just an umbrella for shade until they can do an upgrade. There is an option for everyone and every budget, that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space, even on the hottest of days.

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