“our process”

A streamlined approach to getting you a free estimate over the phone


Bring us in on your project

We couldn’t be happier to hear about your project.

Please send us some basic information so we can visualize and get clarity around what we will be working with.


Review by Phone

Our first phone call really surprises our clients. We simply listen to what you have and want done. A few questions we ask are:
  • How long have you been thinking about getting this done?
  • What inspired/motivated you to get started on this project?
  • When are you hoping to have this done?
  • Are you thinking of doing this now or are you collecting information?
  • Have you ever done a project like this before?
  • Who else is excited about getting this project done?
  • At the end of the project how are you going to know that you worked with the right people?
Pricing Your investment is very important to us, and so is your time. We offer an industry exclusive over the telephone free estimate.


On site consultation

When you are absolutely certain you want to proceed with the project.

This visit ensures the site is accessible and there are no unforeseen factors that will affect construction.


Contract is signed and scheduling deposit is made via cheque, credit card, or e-Transfer.


Transfer of trust

You get to meet the team.

I’m gonna have the whole team come out, and we are going to do a pre-job walkthrough so we are all on the same page.

Exactly meeting your expectations, and when we are all done, you’re doing to be happy and we have created paradise in your space.


Follow up

We have another industry exclusive, Our Follow up Process.

Natasha calls you 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months after your project is completed.

This is an open format in which any project information can be exchanged.

It can be as simple as her leaving a voicemail to a great conversation.

Our Back 40 Landscaping process spends a lot of time in the pre-job planning stage of a project

This is to ensure that you are not left with an unexpected to-do List afterwards.

Site preparation and protection as well as a full detailed cleanup can greatly enhance your project experience.

In most cases (not all) our clients are looking for a turn key service.


Get a quote and upload your photos
Commerical & residential hardscape landscaping, excavation, drainage and lawn renovation services. Service areas include Abbotsford, BC and throughout the Fraser Valley.

Owner operated, fully licensed & bonded in British Columbia, Canada.

30353 Sunset Cres.
Abbotsford, BC

Owners: Sam and Natasha Maerz

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