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The best retaining wall product you can get

August 17, 2021

Retaining walls are useful when your landscape needs a solid foundation for a slope, or you want to build a raised patio, but if your wall is built incorrectly and it fails, the enjoyment you get from looking at your hardscape project can quickly turn into disappointment. Luckily, there is a material that is high quality, long lasting, and easy to install, that will allow you to enjoy your project for a lifetime.


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What is the best retaining wall material?


Retaining walls can be built out of many materials including wood, boulders, and concrete. Since we believe that concrete is superior to wood (read wood vs. Allan block), we will strictly be talking about concrete products in this article when it comes to the best material to use overall when building a retaining wall.


Allan block is by far the best retaining wall material that you can get. Over the last couple of decades, Allan block has become a prominent hardscape company, due to having a diverse array of products. Their concrete systems are practical, effective, and are environmentally conscious, making them the ultimate material to use for retaining wall projects.

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What makes Allan block the best material to use for a retaining wall?


There are usually two things that people are looking for when they have a retaining wall built. The first is that they want the wall to do its job of retaining the soil, and do that job for a long time. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money and time on having a wall built, just to have it fail in a couple of years.


The second thing that is important to homeowners, is that their retaining wall looks aesthetically pleasing, and matches their landscape.


Luckily, Allan block is able to deliver on both of these needs and wants, and go above and beyond, to truly make homeowners dreams come true. They do this by making a product that will last a lifetime, and offering endless amounts of colors, shapes, and sizes for their concrete blocks, caps, and pavers. When choosing Allan Block for the material of your retaining wall, you will be able to find a color that suits your existing landscape, and your house with ease.


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Building a retaining wall with Allan Block


Although it is important to find a product that looks good and is easy to use, the most crucial thing about your wall build is that it is built correctly. Allan Block knows this, and because they want their customers to get a lifetime product, they are doing their part to make sure that contractors are installing their products properly, and educating homeowners on their concrete products.


No other concrete company around educates homeowners and contractors quite like Allan block does. They have numerous articles that answer both homeowners and contractors’ questions about retaining walls and the products that they sell. Some articles that they have written include, how to build retaining walls, how to design your project, and they even give ideas on where the wall should be built. They also have case studies on their website that allows you to get an in-depth look at the plan, designs, and techniques used for retaining wall projects.


Lastly, they offer contractor training that is designed to give contractors the tools and training needed to ensure that they are building quality retaining walls. This training allows contractors to get the resources and knowledge they need to build a wall that lasts a lifetime.


Over the last couple of decades, Allan Block has become a prominent hardscape company in the world of contractors, and due to their durability, economic efficiency, and training are a hallmark of the construction industry. You will not be disappointed when choosing Allan Block for your next concrete project.





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