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What is the difference between a raised patio and a ground level patio?

August 14, 2021

When it comes to designing your outdoor living space, one of the first things homeowners should consider is whether or not you want your patio be raised, or at ground level. The difference between a raised patio and a ground level patio are simple. Raised patios are elevated, and have a wall around the entire structure, made with retaining wall block, while ground level patios are exactly what their name implies, a patio that is built on the ground.


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If you are looking to add depth, richness, and an overall aesthetically pleasing look, a raised patio will do the trick. One of the main reasons homeowners choose to go with a raised patio over a ground level patio besides their looks, is that they want to be able to step straight out onto their patio without having to use steps. This option is great for people who have young children, or older adults who find using steps difficult.

One thing to keep in mind when weighing what type of patio you want, is that raised patios take longer to build, and will cost more.  A typical patio that is built on the ground needs gravel, sand, joint sand, and pavers to be completed. With a raised patio, the retaining wall needs to be built first, and caps are added to complete the wall. Gravel is used to fill in the entire area, and then the sand, pavers and joint sand are placed. A lot more gravel is needed to fill in this area, and caps and blocks are used, upping the cost of labor and materials.


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Both of these patio options allow you to enjoy your backyard space while hosting family dinners and enjoying nature. Other similarities when it comes to elevated and ground level patios are:


  • The pavers come in many shapes, colors, sizes and textures
  • Low maintenance – once sealed homeowners will only have to reseal the pavers every couple of years
  • Pavers do not crack
  • Easy to replace – If a paver needs to be replaced, it’s as easy as removing the unwanted paver, and replacing it with a new one.
  • Décor- Fire pits, BBQs, and furniture can be used to make a patio feel like home


Luckily, no matter what type you choose, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space, regardless of if it is elevated or not. When deciding what option is right for you and your family, consider your budget, time for the project to be completed, and what look you are going for.

If you are looking to add a patio to your backyard space read Top 12 problems with patios you should know. 

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